about the [future] doctor

Hi there!

I have an A.S. in Science, and still a future full of textbooks and postgrad to look forward to! Phew! In May 2015 I’ll receive another diploma (B.S.) and begin my graduate studies in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. (That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?)


I love hiking in the middle of the mountains where you can’t get cell signal because no one ever goes there.

I love spending time with the people I care about.

And, perhaps mostly, I love being left alone with a good book.

… Of course, I never go hiking, the majority of the people that I care about live out of town or out of state, and I never get left alone with a good book – and when I do, I generally have a mountain of homework lurking around the corner.


Quick facts:

  • My favorite flower is the tulip. I’d love a bouquet of them, but I just don’t see that happening.
  • I’m a very expressive ISFJ.
  • I’m California born-and-raised (happy cows come from California– apparently, so do happy girls!), but I’m a Texas girl at heart. There’s just something about Texas.
  • I try my best to love unconditionally and extend the benefit of the doubt.
  • I can’t stand the texture of cheesecake. The taste is yummy, but the texture… Ugh.
  • My favorite color is usually blue, but I love earth tones in combinations.
  • Kettle brand Sea Salt and Vinegar chips paired with nonfat milk = bliss.
  • Kettle brand Sea Salt and Vinegar chips are the way to my heart — take note, boys!
  • My ideal sleeping situation would be with four fluffy pillows and a snuggle buddy.
  • I can wiggle my ears a little bit if I’m watching myself in the mirror.
  • I’m right-handed, but I have the ability to switch hands in baseball and tennis.
  • I think haggis is very interesting, but really, really, really rich. Once was enough.
  • I’ve never had chicken pox, and at this point I hope it never comes!
  • I’m O-, which means I can save the world! I seem to have fun nearly passing out in Lifestream buses, though.

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