When a middle C sounds like a dying elephant…

“Miserable and Alone” sounded too dramatic for a title. It’s  that time of the semester where everyone is hacking up a  lung, and somehow in my lack of social contact with my peers… I came down with the sore throat/cough as well. As much as I would feel better if my boyfriend were to stroke my head and cuddle me, I don’t want to get him sick. Sigh. He’s probably already been infected by the college students who don’t know how to cover their mouths or wash their hands.

I was counting my blessings that it was just a cough… and then I came home this evening with a fever.

Now I’m thankful for being forced to go to sleep instead of pulling a late study night!

I’m  concerned my physics exam tomorrow morning may crush me like a bug under Thor’s  hammer… but let’s  look for the optimistic lining!

My voice teacher and I have been trying to schedule a makeup time for a lesson we missed, and I had to text her to cancel because I could barely whisper, and I was singing the low notes I can never hit with ease. And the Bullfrog Award goes to…

Insomnia struck suddenly and not-so-quietly this past week, so I began taking benadryl when going to sleep. Usually it’s a pill, but I’m  hoping the liquid benadryl I have in my cupboard will soothe my irritated throat. Some cough gels were thrown in, too, in the hope that I won’t  cough in my sleep and further inflame my throat. Fingers crossed for a pleasant morning, 8-10 hours of sleep, and an A on my physics test.

Maybe  I’ll  have to settle for dreaming about that exam, though.


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