The Lord Will Fight For You (Exodus 14:14)

As I was scrolling through my phone to find something to update my sad little instagram with, I found this saved to my hard drive.


“The Lord will fight for you.”

It’s such a POWERFUL thought, and yet how often do we pause to consider the overwhelming magnitude of such a promise?
On a lighter note, it makes me think of Genie from Aladdin: “….COSMIC POWERS!”– but God’s living space is hardly “itty bitty.”

In this particular verse (Exodus 14:14), the Israelites are terrified because they feel stuck in a hopeless situation. The Egyptians are closing in, the comfort of stability offered by slavery has been taken away and the Israelites have ONE JOB: to fear the Lord and trust Him. To be honest, they’re not good at it. Their Trust-O-Meter is constantly on the low end of the spectrum, and in the surrounding verses they’ve turned on Moses. Why didn’t you leave us as slaves?! Why did you take us out of captivity?! ……. It’s easy for my jaw to drop.

*Really*? Are you joking? Someone gets me out of a dire situation and I’m all about kissing feet!! … At the same time, though, I get where they’re coming from. Although not the best situation by any means, slavery left few unknowns relative to wandering in the desert… and relying on a mysterious pillar of cloud/flame as THE ONLY set of directions must have been unnerving at best! I am guilty of this.

As a control freak, I struggle with the “God, why do I have to deal with this unknown in my life?” trust issue. Patient, loving Father that He is, God takes my hand and leads me back to this verse time and time again. Some days I struggle deeply with the medical diagnosis, and this verse is a comfort. 》》THIS IS NOT MY BATTLE.《《 The God who created everything is willing to fight my battles for me if I will only stop struggling and fighting with Him. If I will be still, and follow a cloud/flame meekly I will hear that it is not my battle to fight alone.

My God is mighty (Job 9:19)!


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