No cancer where we were looking! Yay!

I wasn’t alone for my MRI, but I was alone when I went to talk to my ENT to discuss the results from the MRI. And then I had to go straight to my Physics lecture.

My doctor knew I was more-or-less able to understand medical terminology, so he just spouted it out:
“The good news is, there is no cancer. Nothing is wrong with your inner ear, or the nerve, or the cerebellum-pons angle. There is, however, a suspicious mass in your pituitary.”

The phrase “Pituitary Macroadenoma” is a scary one. [Brain organ] [something scary sounding]. Awesome.

Let’s dissect it.

The pituitary is a smaller organ in the middle (….ish…) of your head (base of the brain) which controls the production and management (more or less) of the hormones in your body. I’ve read different textbooks, but generally the diameter is explained as being about half an inch. This is a prime example of the adage “size doesn’t matter” since the pituitary is, in a word, important.
Macro is just what it sounds like — “BIG.” (Think “macroeconomics” vs. “microeconomics”.)
An adenoma is a benign tumor that normally occurs in glandular tissue. The pituitary is a gland (a gland secretes something).

About ten percent of the population has this tumor and never knows because it never causes a problem. If I were to guess, we’re talking about a microadenoma. (The micro/macro line is drawn somewhere… google if you want to know for sure.)

The bottom line is this:
It’s a large brain tumor, relative to the organ that it is inside of… but my God is bigger.

I’m taking a deep breath.


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