Happy Birthday to me… Sigh. :(

It was a full day! And it was a good birthday… just not exactly what I had in mind. I think I need a week to introvert.

Mr. Boyfriend had to be out of town, so he brought me roses and made an afternoon picnic earlier this week. Cue awwes. Before he realized he had to leave town, he had already accepted an invitation to a Murder Mystery party… and then found out it was my birthday. Oops. So then I got an invitation; and he left town.

No cake. No song. No worries…right?


After I got home tonight I realized that despite my exhaustion… I still wanted to spend my birthday with the people I’m closest to. Dressing up as Miss Muffett was a lot of fun, but not exactly what fit the bill. Oh well.


PRIOR to all of the party shenanigans, I spent my morning and lunch hour interviewing at Texas Tech University HSC for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.


I was the last person to interview. It was good on one hand because it allowed me to talk to the students and get a feel for a program — and to calm my own nerves –… but on the other hand, I realized belatedly that perhaps I hadn’t broken in my shoes as well as I thought. Oops.

I feel like the interview went well! It went on a lot longer than anyone had told me it would, but I think that’s because my interviewer spent twice as long answering questions I had about TTUHSC/the DPT program as he did asking me questions. I had a few prepared, but things just kept coming to mind. The program begins in May of next year, so I’ll find out at some point between now and then whether or not they’re going to accept me.


Blame my cheekiness, but I was waiting for an opportunity to tell them an acceptance letter would make a really great birthday present. 😉


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