2nd Swing – Ring By Spring? (Not a chance.)

We sat on our second swing today on campus — cue biting nails!! (Not really.)
If you attend LCU, then you might know why this is a “big deal.” There’s a bunch of superstition surrounding couples who sit on the benches around campus; “three swings, get a ring.” Christian colleges have their own idiosyncrasies, and you just sort of have to roll with them. (Even if your eyes roll, too.)

I know for a fact that it’s not even on the horizon right now, and definitely not for at least two years (he’ll be finished with his bachelor’s while I’m in my last year for my doctorate) before being engaged is a possibility. We’re both pretty firm on the idea of not getting married IN college. Yikes.

We agree that we need one of us to have an income so that we’ll be able to support our little two-person family before we jump on that bandwagon. If we can’t, then I honestly think we have no business being married. It’s going to be hard enough learning to adjust to living with someone “new” and figuring out the whole marriage thing without dumping financial woes on top of it. Anyway, we’re just enjoying the stage we’re at right now. No need to rush things. 🙂

It strikes me often how very thankful I am for the young man God chose to throw my way. He’s emotionally mature (as long as the conversation doesn’t involve the Lego movie or SpongeBob) and stable; he’s mature; he’s exactly what I asked God for when I prayed for someone who would be willing and well-equipped to be a spiritual leader in a relationship; he’s tall…. oh, he’s tall! (but I’m 5’3″, so I guess anything is tall to me); he’s a can-do sorta guy; he’s a hard worker; he’s smart. He’s also really funny and social… and he laughs at my jokes, which really aren’t that funny. Points for him!

What a blessed girl I am.


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