Traveling, Farmers Markets, and Packing Boxes

I’m finally home after a couple weeks trekking across the states. First it was Texas, where I was privileged to stand beside my lovely cousin during her wedding, and then a week of spontaneity and rest in New Jersey.
After two weeks of busy and loud households, it’s almost eerie being in my nearly silent home.

As an ISFJ, though, I enjoy the quietness. It’s soothing and low-stress.

Until the dogs start barking.

July has come, which means that just a little over a month is left for me with my family.  Classes at my university begin late August, but as a transfer student I have to move in and go to orientation earlier. This means I’m trying to pack up 21 years of my life, which isn’t easy.
On the other hand, I’m getting rid of a lot of unnecessary “clutter” (watercolor set I bought for a project, fabric I bought at a quilt show and never used, etc) that I don’t need and don’t really have a use for. That’s a good feeling!

I’m not allowed to have a pet in my apartment, but I hate the thought of not having something to care for (call me crazy, I love taking care of people/pets/things) so when my mother and I ran across a succulent grower at the farmers market ….. I fell in love.  🙂
I adore succulents, and now my orchid won’t be the only houseplant.


This was our $16.00 haul! The top row is mine, except for the second plant. Aren’t they great?

Time to get back to packing. I saw leaning bookshelves on Pinterest and I think that they would be great in the small apartment living room I have. Might try the tutorial if I end up with enough time.

Hah.  Who am I kidding?


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