Pinterest Trials #2

The end of the semester was literally painful.

Onto happier topics!

I’ve tried a lot of things off of pinterest lately, and I’m very excited to share about them!

First, this: crock pot beef stroganoff. It was delicious. I don’t have photos of anything of my own for this post, so the photos come from the links. Just so that’s out there.

     Pin it.

Mine didn’t look quite like this because I didn’t serve it over noodles, and the chunks of beef were bigger. I also didn’t add in salt and pepper, and I added more mushrooms than the recipe called for — but really! There is no such thing as too many mushrooms.


Next, Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili.

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It didn’t look like much when I first saw it, but let me tell you what- this is going to be a new staple in our household! My brother, who “hates cream cheese” asked me to make this again. So I made a double recipe for my little family of four… and it was demolished. I was disappointed because I didn’t get that much.

Turns out, my brother hijacked some and took it to his pals. (They were shocked when they tasted it.)

I wish I could take credit for being an awesome cook. Although I “have skills”, this recipe is fool proof, and just amazing. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Note: I put in 1/3 of the spices the second time around because of sensitive family tummies, but I thought it had great flavor both times. It reheats well. To make it less soupy, I would partially drain either the corn or the tomatoes. I used a different brand of tomatoes… Del Norte? Is that a brand? Something like that. I leave it in for 8 hours, and the chicken comes out with an internal temperature of about 200 and falls apart. Love. It.


To get off the topic of food (although it is a … ahem… delicious one), I wanted to tell you that I have thick curly hair. And the ends used to be atrocious. You could see the split ends from miles away, and all because I didn’t take the time to go get a trim. (When you’re drowning in science coursework…)

I get my hair layered to keep it manageable, so I didn’t want to take scissors to the ends myself, and that’s when pinterest led me to this beauty.

 Pin it.

Tresemme’s Split Remedy is my new favorite necessity. It’s a thin (thicker-than- but almost-watery) serum that you work through your ends. The product claims to seal your split ends up (or disguise them, whatever school of thought you belong to) to 80% by the third use. I was a little skeptical, but I figured for about $5.00 (from walmart) I could afford to experiment. Anyway, that’s what the science types do, right?

So I did! After my morning shower, I put this into my ends (and on my bangs; old flat iron damage and all from when I actually had time to style my hair) and styled as usual. I was thrilled when my hair was dry.  I apparently used too much of the product (a pump seems to be about right for me) the first time because the ends were crunchy, but even still the split ends were buh-bye! I’ve noticed this consistently throughout the weeks I’ve been using it. I can still tell I need a trim if I inspect my hair closely, but my hair seems to look much healthier and the split ends are “sealed up.” (Now, I know this isn’t the chocolate-pill-cure for getting a hair cut. I’m planning on making a hair appointment this week or next.)

I think I’ll cry if they stop producing this product.




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