The Pinterest Trials [post one]

Let’s be honest, here, shall we?

With 106 boards, 4,025 pins (and 8 likes, but who clicks “like” when they can pin it? I don’t understand the function of the “like” button), I’ve got a lot going on my pinterest page! My following is pretty small (137), but I don’t really care about that. Why? Because my pinterest page is now alphabetized.



This was the 17th attempt, I think, because unavoidably I would be moving my last board after what seemed like hours of clicking and dragging only to have the screen change to one of the boards and all the organization lost. I started clicking “save” while going through the process. Best. Thought. Ever.

Unfortunately for me, pinterest generally stays on pinterest. It doesn’t really do anyone any good there, I thought to myself, and so I’ve decided to start “The Pinterest Trials”; really this only applies to things you can do and not products, etc, but there are plenty of “DIY” boards and “Cleaning” boards to help me along. I think I’ll be fine.

Our last oven decided to catch itself on fire, and so we didn’t have an oven for a while. During this time, I found myself really craving home made bread! So what to do? Pinterest for “crock pot bread”, of course.

I found a pin that led to this blog post by the authors of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (which I’m putting an order in for soon). Having no broiler, my bread stayed kind of gummy and grey, but it was tasty!

Then we got a new oven, and I was able to test crock pot bread vs. oven bread. Really, it tastes the same to me, but I prefer the oven method because:

a) It’s winter, and our farmhouse is cold!

b) The house smells like bread if you use the oven. No brainer there.

Tasty stuff! There’s been a couple of trial-and-errors along the way such as

  1. make sure you thoroughly mix in all of the flour (oh, yes. that…)
  2. make sure not to walk away from the bread while it’s under the broiler (this. definitely this!)


So that’s in the crock pot. The best way to learn how to make this bread, I think, is to watch Mandy B.’s demonstration video over on her youtube channel, bhomemaking. This girl is funny, and it’s a very helpful video.



I also prefer the oven method because I think the crust turns out a little prettier. (Sorry, no photos of the finished crock pot bread loaf.)



Oh so tasty! Everyone in the family loves the bread!





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