New Year, New Blog

So I didn’t privatize all of the old posts.  I deleted them. And it felt nice. 🙂

Today I am choosing to be thankful. I’ve had a bad attitude this week and I think it mostly adds up to not being thankful enough.

Thankful to have a car (which was in the shop. Now in the parking lot at work).

Thankful to have two[/three/five billion] jobs. Family owned businesses (2) + outside part time job at the college.

Thankful to be borrowing two vans while my car was in the shop.

  • one: the driver door got stuck in the “locked” position because no one told me not to lock the broken door. Oops. So I was crawling across the passenger side to the driver’s side… and this has gained me some nice little abs. Unfortunately, I’m short, and so the space between the seat and the steering wheel is naturally very little. This made slipping into the driver seat from the passenger seat difficult.
  • two: The driver door opens! HALLELUJAH! The transmission is sluggish.  But the driver door opens!!!!

Thankful to have a beautiful yellow purse. Thankful to have a mother who has a bottle of tacky glue because the pretty accent leather strips kept unwinding.

Thankful that my relationship with my twin brother is getting better.

Thankful to have friends, despite the distance.

Thankful for having the privilege of going to college.

So much is going on with school right now; I may be presenting at a really huge honors conference next month, but I’m still waiting to hear whether or not I’ve been bumped from the waitlist to the presenting list. We’ll see!

I need to begin my research about how sleep apnea affects memory and concentration for my Anatomy102 class project. That’s going to be time consuming, but ultimately rewarding. We were allowed to select our topics and Sleep Apnea was the one that I chose. I’m thinking my research will show that concentration and memory (short and long term) is affected significantly because of being deprived of quality sleep (and oxygen!!); think about college students, for instance. Most of them stay up late cramming, or playing XBOX, or doing whatever college kids do, and then they get to class in the morning and they’re like zombies and nothing the teacher says “sticks”. Their attention span is shot, they don’t have a memory of what was said in class because they weren’t paying attention, and they do poorly on tests.

Okay. Not that many similarities; but close enough for an initial blog reflection. I’m not getting graded on this.

Public Speaking is the class I was looking least forward to, but I think I’m enjoying it. At least, I am… from my seat in the audience. I didn’t really care to be telling people about myself, but apparently they thought I was funny because they laughed for the agonizing 7.5 minutes I was allotted.  I didn’t have good eye contact, though, and apparently I spoke fast. I think the older students mentioned that, because I don’t think I was speaking fast. Who knows.  Something to work on.

Psychology is going well, but I’m tired of talking about gender stereotypes. Welcome to the rest of class, I suppose. Psych is something that comes easy because it seems like a lot of common sense to me.

Anatomy… ugh. I don’t know what’s going on; I’m going to get an A, but I’ve been doing poorly on the quizzes. (10% of the grade… out of 4,000 points. Not much…) Alas. Something else to work on, and work on it I shall! I will get an A if I have to kill myself over the book. It makes sense, I just have to find time to sit down and readreadread.

My Chemistry “group study” is going well! I’m so excited for the students I watch over. Their last test didn’t go very well at all, but I think things are starting to click with them. They’ll do better next time, I have confidence in them.

I’m hoping that this bombed test will encourage them to come to our study sessions (heck, their tuition has paid for me to be there!).

Grace is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I certainly don’t deserve it. I extend it less than I receive it from God, and that shouldn’t be the case. There’s nothing I can do to earn it, and yet I have it. It is most treasured.

Thank you, God, for looking past the failings I focus on so readily.

And, finally . . .

This man!


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